Life cycle events of a typical application

Our resources are made available throughout the life cycle of the industrial control panel, including initial planning, ordering, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, updates, migration, decommissioning, and recycling. We offer different technical support options. Pricing of the support options is disclosed with the initial quotation. Each client selects the service options that better suit their needs.

Planning and ordering

The technical and administrative information is made available online, any questions are answered via email and, if required, a site visit may be arranged.

Draft copy of system electrical schematics may be prepared to clarify and confirm concepts

Installation & Commissioning

During installation, the Industrial control panel(s), and Junction box(es)are placed in their location, cable ways are layed in place, and field devices are installed in the machine or process and interconnected to the control system.

The commissioning crews are tasked with following a protocol to confirm that meassured parameters are according to specifications; in a nutshell, confirmation that input and output field devices are operational and control loops are individually adjusted.

Operation, maintenace, and updates

During operation several activities are interleaved over a long period of time, 15 or more years, The purpose is to keep production running with no downtime due to the control system.

Periodic updates are typical, including security updates as well as firmware updates. This is no longer optional as more and more components are conneceted via internet.

New features can be added to the application, after the system is operating.


Planning to replace parts inside the industrial control panel, or the control panel itself, must be completed long before the components are declared obsolete

This process is called migration, as it implies the use of different hardware and software platforms. Required services may include:

Decommissioning and recycling

We can advise on the correct procedure to disconnect and also recycle the internal components of the industrial control panel