Technical support options

We offer different technicall services taylored to the requirements of each of our clients. In a nutshell, online self-serve services are available at no charge, other services are individually quoted acoording to the scope.

A machinery or manufacturing facility is typically designed for a very long useful life. Expectations of 20-50 years are not unusuall. However, due to system interconnections, and the speed that technology is advancing, the electronic control components must be migrated to newer platforms during the whole system life span. In addition, newer operating systems can no longer be used to install tools for programming or troubleshoot older systems. As a minimum it is imperative to maintain updated the control system, inluding: a-regular firmware updates, b-scheduled hardware updates, and c-migration to newer platforms.

Online self-serve

Registered users have access to documentation and tools that enable them to be more productive

Support contracts

Different agreement options for on-site, or remote, troubleshooting and maintenace of our products


Small group training sessions oriented to maintenance crews or PLC programmers

Custom applications

When the scope of our products is not enough for the application, and a particular CPU is required, or a larger motor needs to be controlled, or a new application may be the better option

Other services

During the different life cycle events of the automated system, from project planning to decommissioning and recycling we are here to help